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Shears Yard by Architectural Emporium

“Shears Yard is a shining example of how to make the minimalist look work. There’s something pleasing, unfussy and, most importantly, welcoming about the place.”

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Liverpool Good Food Guide

A few places we worked on and love are featured here: Pen Factory, Buyers Club, Camp and Furnace.

Also featured are a few favourites such as Maray, Black Lodge, Bold St Coffee, Liverpool Cheese Company and Etsu

Toby and Jess’ House Nears Completion (in parts)

Our house is nearing completion from a construction point of view, with loads more finishing, DIY and decorating lined up, but here are some recent photographs of our progress…. The ground floor has been extended back and sideways with a sunken kitchen and dining room. The stair becomes a bench and storage trunk. Terazzo floor, dark marble worktops, sepele windows and doors and pine joinery are used within the space. Picture windows and large doors connect the space with the garden. The extension and patio is constructed in blockwork and partially clad in copper. The first floor featues four bedrooms. The front two have pitched ceiings with the roof expressed within the space. A stringerless staircase takes you up to the loft, which features a bathroom with deep soaking bath, dressing room and a view over south Liverpool. The dormer is copper clad to match the colour of the roof tiles and the ground floor extension.

Architectural Emporium Starts Handyman Supermarket, Brewery and Pub

In an effort to fulfill our dreams, the practice is diversifying with the help of our friends in beery places. Kev and Trish from Kelly’s Dispensary have teamed up with us to form Handyman Supermarket, which will be coming soon (ish) to Smithdown Rd. We have all also joined forces with Colin Stronge from Buxton Brewery and Susan O’Neill to from Handyman Brewery. The brewery will be located above the bar on Smithdown Rd eventually, but we also plan to collaborate with the best breweries to produce amazing beer. At the weekend, we brewed our first beer with the help of Mark and his team at Runaway Brewery. Here are some photos of the brewing process together with some shots of our Supermarket…..

186 Portobello Rd 9 months ago and now

Here is a collection of before and afterwards photographs showing 186 Portobello Rd when we first came up with a vision for the building with our client. It also shows the finished scheme 9 months on. In a relatively short space of time, an unloved public house, which had many of its original features removed has been reborn. The key to the success of the development is maximing as many different inter-related gin-based uses under one roof

Walk the Plank Progress Photos

Here are the latest photos from site where the steel frame for the new build office pyramid is now complete #CobdenWorks @walk_the_plank_

New Photos of The Distillery

Here are some recent shots of our latest London project: a gin hotel, bar, distillery, restaurant, museum and dining rooms….

The Distillery

Here is a link to a quick run around Architectural Emporium latest project, a gin hotel, museum, distillery, restaurant and bar…

Camp and Furnace

We recently added two extra mezzanines to Camp, with bespoke balustrade details for the 700 person pantomine bingo called ‘Bongo and the Beanstalk’. We never thought Camp and Furnace would need an extension, but pantomine bingo is a big draw.

Walk the Plank Site Photos

The steel frame at Walk the Plank Site Merger has started going up. The pyramid is emerging and Anna is pole dancing to celebrate. #cobdenworks

Northern Lights Is Almost Complete

In the Cains Brewery, we have created low cost creative workspace and artist studios for the Royal Standard in collaboration with Miles Falkingham. Here are some photos from our latest site visit.

Homebaked Design Process Book Completed

We have produced a small book to describe the unique, involved and rewarding design process carried out at Homebaked in Anfield. Over a period of a year and half and approximately 20 workshops with artists and the local community, we have designed a scheme in collaboration. It features 26 varied light and airy affordable apartments over a series of community shops that re-establish a high street. The scheme also features a series of external spaces threaded through the development. They collect people and try to recreate the sense of community originally found in the terraced streets of the area. We will be posting the book online, so that you can find out more about how we work and what we have created……

The Gables Steelwork Rises

The Gables is a large house extension with new build faceted structures added to the rear of a large detached property. The steelwork structure has started to be erected so you get an early impression of the spaces we are creating. The house will provide living accommodation for a family with a severly disabled child. Specialist rooms and support areas are created specifically to meet the needs of the child and his carers. Greater and varied ceiling heights will further enhance the sense of space for all.

Portobello Rd Nears Completion

The new home for Portobello Rd Gin, which will include a history room, blending rooms, a working distillery, a bar with priest hole, a spanish restaurant, private dining room and small hotel on Portobello Rd is nearing completion. We visited today today to check up on progress. We are looking forward to seeing the finishing touches go in.

Walk the Plank Site Photos 01.11.16

Work has started on site in Salford. The site merger project is under way, with much of the demolition already carried out. Walk the Plank will occupy the site, with office, training, workshop and rehearsal space created for their incredibly creative work to be planned, prepared, practiced and produced on one site. We are looking forward to seeing the new build pyramid emerge alongside the refurbished portal frame buildings.

Invisible Wind Factory

Exciting proposals designed collaboratively by AE and the Kazimier Collective are in the pipeline, with a change of use application currently being considered by the council.

Homebaked Book Coming Soon

We have created a book to describe the unique design process carried out when working with the bakery, community land trust and Anfield/Everton community to design a block of 26 apartments, shops and landscape solution for the site on Oakfield Rd. The book is coming soon….

Green Room Fashion Parade

The green room members takes a literal and coordinated approach to their clothing choices. Fortunately there isn’t a wedding in our office today

Portobello Rd Takes Shape

Here are some photographs of my site visit this week to our gin museum, distillery, bar, restaurant, private dining room and hotel. It is starting to take shape.

Alternative City Guide to Liverpool

Architectural Emporium designed, have contributed to or are currently working on 7 of the places listed in the Guardian’s guide to Alternative Liverpool (Bluecoat, Camp and Furnace, Invisible Wind Factory, Buyers Club, EBGBS, The Kazimier Garden and The Royal Standard – Northern Lights).


Northern Lights

Northern Lights is progressing well on site, but before the job is finished, we have posted some existing and proposed visualisations of the scheme. Based in Cains Brewery, Architectural Emporium has designed the scheme with Miles Falkingham for Baltic Creative and The Royal Standard. It features artist studios and creative workspace. For more information, see the Northern Lights job post……


Heebie Jeebies is an essential part of most nights out in Liverpool, but the basement was under used and Architectural Emporium were asked to re-imagine the fantastic brick vaulted space with a new night club and bar inspired in part by the film, From Dusk Till Dawn. Previously, the bars were squeezed into the ends of the vaults, with corridors between, making seating difficult to plan. We totally changed the venue by relocating the bars to the centre of the plan, allowing a circulation route around them, with the various vaults occupied with comfortable seating, the stage and a DJ booth. Now the venue divides in three, with a bar to one side, a new private area is located behind the cloakroom curtain and a nightclub and venue to the other. Two lighting rigs run through the centre of the main vaults to give the venue ultimate flexibility. A curved canopy marks the basement entrance with neon used to animate the ends of the vaults internally.

Architectural Emporium Enjoys Liverpool Biennial

We took an afternoon off to enjoy the Liverpool Biennial, taking in a pub between each venue. Mollie planned our route navigating the Biennial map, which took us to The Oratory, Toxteth, the Dingle and the Baltic Triangle. We stumbled across some great boozers on route that none of us had been in before (The Empress and the Globe). We also took in the brewery tap and Baltic Social. Afterwards, we visited the opening of our most recent bar/nightclub, EBGBS in the basement of Heebie Jeebies. It was a great way to start the weekend.

Mollie makes it onto the website

A month in to her time with AE, and Mollie is now featured on our website. See the about page for more information. Today she is leading us all on a tour of Liverpool Biennial artwork and interventions, before we visit the opening of Heebie Jeebies basement. Alongside arranging days out, Mollie has made an immediate impression at the Emporium, contributing to a number of jobs and producing a book that explains the Homebaked design process.

Bluecoat Initial Design Process

Whilst little Sam enjoyed his first day at school, his dad and one of his surrogate uncles (Toby) stole his colouring pens and tried to make sense of the Bluecoat jigsaw puzzle. This was following a very useful workshop with the client group looking at the various strands of the Bluecoat’s operation in isolation.

Homebaked Leaflet

The attached leaflet has been produced by Homebaked to explain the unique process we have been through to co-design a fantastic scheme for Anfield. It has been driven forward and inspired by the input of local people via a series of interative workshops led by AE and Homebaked. It also explains the fundamental design characteristics of our proposed scheme, which is unique to the place and process. For more info:

Homebaked Concept Explained in New Imagery

To try to explain all of the thinking behind our proposals for Homebaked (a community housing and mixed use scheme in Anfield), we have produced some additional imagery….. Please see the project page for more info:

Architectural Emporium Goes Camping

We decided to take a short break in the lakes this August bank holiday to get all of our families and a few friends together to camp in Pooley Bridge. Here are some photos of our little outing……

Nice Day for a Trip to Leeds

Asked to advise on the vision for Hifi’s refurbishment, it was a nice excuse to visit Leeds and see some old and some new haunts and people. Good to see and hear Shears Yard and Wire are doing well.

Architectural Emporium Wins Bluecoat

Architectural Emporium successfully secured the exciting task of reimagining the Bluecoat, working up to and including RIBA stage 2. We are excited about this great opportunity and are looking forward to starting to unlock its huge potential and improve its viability.

186 Portobello Rd Takes Shape

The Architectural Emporium designed gin museum, blending rooms, distillery, bar, restaurant and hotel is under construction and things are moving quickly on site. Here are some photos from our recent site visit….

Obonjan Opens

Architectural Emporium designed the masterplan that helped our client to purchase the island of Obonjan and started things going for the festival island that has recently opened. Another local architect has delivered our vision, but the island has just opened and here is an early review of the magical place:

Liverpool Eden

Architectural Emporium were asked to produce a vision for a vacant site on Liverpool’s historic waterfront, that would form part of a wider vision to green the docks to increase visitor numbers and improve the environment. It was proposed in our outline vision that a garden development with public greenhouses would transform this part of the docks. A series of green bridges and floating decks would connect the park to the surrounding dock walls and allow visitors to use the water for activities such as swimming and kayaking. A series of transparent cubes of different scales would populate the site and the dock, with different climates created within, fostering different environments for unusual plants from around the globe. Raised paths would weave through the cubes and the surrounding external spaces to educate, stimulate and engage visitors with a brave new green world. The scheme is speculative.

Northern Lights

Architectural Emporium have been working with Baltic Creative to convert part of the Cains Brewery site into artist studios, managed workspace and a theatre. The scheme is starting on site soon

Reynolds Park

Architectural Emporium have been looking at ways of refurbishing and extended this amazing gatehouse building in Woolton. Set within parkland, it is in need of some love and attention.

Private House Lego Model

Architectural Emporium have been working on this ongoing conversion of an interesting mid century house. The scheme features upgrades to the external envelope, conversion of the garage and eventually a loft conversion as shown in the lego model

Recent Pre Works Event At Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank is due to start on site in the coming weeks. Here are some photos of the recent event held in the existing warehouse space. We are looking forward to the works commencing soon for this inspiring and creative client…..

Invisible Wind Factory

Architectural Emporium have been working collaboratively with The Invisible Wind Factory/Kazimier to look at how to convert their new space for immediate use and for future development. Here are some official photos by Ben Morgan of Omphalos at Invisible Wind Factory. The recent and first show in the new space was fantastic and we are very excited about the next phase of works on the drawing board

Toby and Jess’ House Takes Shape

Toby and Jess make the bold leap into suburbia. Mike Carr and his team have removed all the first floor ceilings, with a new bathroom created in the loft occupying half the floor plate, taking advantage of the views over south Liverpool. A dressing room utilises the eaves space within the loft, with four bedrooms beneath without the need for wardrobes. The roof form is expressed within three of the bedrooms. The chimney breast brickwork is a feature within the new staircase and the main bedroom. A stringerless staircase links the first and second floors. A copper dormer pops out of the roof, with a deep soaking japanese bathtub set underneath the window. The copper ground floor extension is coming soon.

186 Portobello Rd Visit 28.06.16

Portobello Road Gin Distillery, Bar, Restaurant, Hotel progresses well with the basement tanked, structural openings made and structural alterations inserted.

Heebie Jeebies Site Visit Today

Stripped out, sandblasted and bars going in. Good meeting to further define the vision for the interior. We are looking forward to seeing it develop over the next couple of weeks

New Website Blog Launched

Visit this page for latest news and information from Architectural Emporium. Thank you @mayflyinternet for establishing our blog……