Liverpool Eden

Architectural Emporium were asked to produce a vision for a vacant site on Liverpool’s historic waterfront, that would form part of a wider vision to green the docks to increase visitor numbers and improve the environment. It was proposed in our outline vision that a garden development with public greenhouses would transform this part of the docks. A series of green bridges and floating decks would connect the park to the surrounding dock walls and allow visitors to use the water for activities such as swimming and kayaking. A series of transparent cubes of different scales would populate the site and the dock, with different climates created within, fostering different environments for unusual plants from around the globe. Raised paths would weave through the cubes and the surrounding external spaces to educate, stimulate and engage visitors with a brave new green world. The scheme is speculative.

Liverpool Eden axo Vision for Waterfront Liverpool Eden collage Vision for Waterfront Liverpool Eden Diagram 3D Vision for Waterfront