Camp and Furnace Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

Architectural Emporium have designed a number of the changes to Camp and Furnace over the years to update the building and improve its operation. Camp and Furnace was conceived as a large-scale arts venue within a series of warehouses. AE were first employed to re-line the entrance funnel, tidy up internal spaces and to create mezzanine levels within Camp to enlarge the capacity. A number of ideas such as a slide, illuminated dancefloor, new cocktail bar and bespoke furniture were not carried through due to cuts in funding. More recently AE produced an overall vision for how the space could be altered and improved visually and functionally. Proposals re-imagined the lobby area, with a new bespoke (Crittal style) glazed entrance screen and vestibule, a lighting rig and a general arrangement that massively increases capacity of the space by rationalising the entrances into the space. In Camp, the capacity is extended by creating new toilets, extending the bar, relocating the cellar and proposing new internal finishes. Furnace is to be altered through a lighting scheme that allows the space to change to suit its various events. A new back bar is also proposed and the toilets and bar will be extended. In Blade a series of pop up bar/restaurants are proposed. Works are currently in progress, so the images are a mix of visualisations and completed interventions.