Cronton Colliery Knowsley, Merseyside

Architectural Emporium produced this competition entry for Cronton Colliery. The landscape proposal involved a series of layered interventions to create a country park with walkways looping through the marshy landscape. AE focused on the architectural interventions, designing a visitor centre set into the hill side with a faceted corten shaft running through the centre uniting the building uses. A layed stone facade resembles coal seams. A viewing chimney adopts a similar language with accessible ramps weaving through the woods. Beach huts hug the edge of the lake and provide raised bird watching hides. The entry was produced working with Carolyn Willits and Andy Gough.

Cronton Colliery Visitor Centre Cronton Colliery Viewing Tower Cronton Colliery Masterplan Cronton Colliery Lake Cronton Colliery Masterplan Sketch Cronton Colliery Viewing Tower and woodland walkways Cronton Colliery Visitor Trails Cronton Colliery Visitor Centre Entrance