Islington Mill Salford

Architectural Emporium have developed designs to reimagine Islington Mill (an integral arts centre in Salford that is the creative home to many artists and creative people). The scheme addresses vertical access issues, it creates a gallery, making and an event space on the fifth floor, which is currently unoccupied. This space will be flanked by artist residency spaces. Access will be rationalised with a new lift shaft and external staircase, extending the courtyard garden vertically. On top of the privy block, a new beacon will replace the defunct water tower and become a visible changing piece of artwork. As the existing common spaces such as the staircase, corridors and courtyard within the complex are so characterful and help to unite the different users and visitors, it is proposed that these are extended vertically via a sculptural external staircase that unifies the levels and allows internal spaces to spill out. The staircase will be adopted by the users, personalised and changed. Architecturally the aim is to provide a framework that harnesses the creativity within the development. The lofty gallery, making and event space is conceived as a giant apartment with a variety of flexible and homely spaces created for different uses. Residency spaces will feature compact and flexible interiors for visitors to stay in and create their work. Designs have been developed in order to safeguard the building with essential repairs and also to extend internal uses in a sensitive and appropriate fashion.