Liverpool Buyers Club Liverpool

Liverpool Buyers Club is a new bar, restaurant and music venue set within a listed building. Accessed through an alley and a courtyard garden. The slender building is split into 3 key spaces. The bar features an informal bar table with seating surrounding the ends of the iroko surface. To the rear of the bar, a wall of beverages on a large dresser advertises off-sales. By encouraging people to occupy the ends of the bar helps to blur the line between staff and customers, thereby creating a relaxed and trusting atmosphere. The neighbouring restaurant was conceived as a variation on a chefs table, which again blurs this relationship, creating an intimate and personalised dining experience set within a kitchen. Tables can be arranged in a number of ways for different events. The music venue is set within a characterful but simple space, with the sound desk at the end of the bar. A scaffold rig replicates the track lighting solution in the bar below, offering lighting flexibility for the space to be adjusted for each event. The ventilation strategy is also simple and runs centrally within each space. Externally the sheltered courtyard garden is lit with festoon lighting and separation between the orange benches is provided by green mesh structures housing potted plants. Architectural Emporium worked closely with creative clients, Miles Falkingham and Sam Tawil to design the venue.