SAFE Hotel and Pub Bootle, Sefton

This scheme involves the adaptation of an existing derelict pub and the construction of an adjoining new building to create a community hub with a pub, cafe, micro brewery and hotel. The new masonry building features a tiled ground floor which is a reference to the existing pub. A new pattern is introduced and this steps up around the windows. The new pub entrance also features the new pattern as this is a new intervention to redescribe the pub with a more flexible and open use linking the pub/cafe to the canal. The hotel is compact in form and very flexible. The majority of rooms overlook the canal and will be fitted out with bespoke interiors. Phase two involves the construction of a community hub comprising meeting spaces and creative studio space for SAFEs artistic residents. It will form an engaging civic square adjacent to the canal, but is still in design development.

SAFE Tiled Facade Detail SAFE Primary Elevation Pub Cafe Hotel SAFE Primary Elevation Pub Cafe Hotel SAFE Phase 2 Climbing Wall Feasibility Image