Tate Albert Dock, Liverpool

Tate Liverpool houses a large part of the Tate’s national collection and is a huge visitor attraction. Architectural Emporium worked in conjunction with Sir Peter Blake to transform the cafe. Set within the grade I listed Albert Dock on Liverpool’s waterfront, the warehouse was originally designed by Jesse Hartley and converted by James Stirling into a gallery of international significance. However, the cafe was suffering and in need of an overhaul to improve visitor numbers and experiences.
A large mural in combination with maritime flags form part of Sir Peter Blake’s work, Everybody Razzle Dazzle. Architectural Emporium have designed a bespoke bar, cake shelf, tables and chosen new chairs and sofas to create a relaxed, functional and colourful space. The layout reinforces a better internal flow. Larger sharing tables encourage interaction and create workspace for visitors in quieter periods. A window shelf facilitates contemplation and reflection whilst customers look onto the Albert Dock. The bar has been altered to improve flow around the cafe, contain condiments and increase accessibility. Chairs were chosen to distribute some colour through the space without overpowering the eye catching artwork.