Smithdown Road Festival 1st-27th May

As proud owners of Handymans Supermarket and long standing friends and residents of Smithdown Road, Architectural Emporium would recommend you all attend the upcomming festival. Kev (also from Handymans and Kelly’s) and Andy (from Craft) together with some support from Franks, friends and some of the other venues do an amazing job of transforming Smithdown Road and the surrounding area each year for the community to enjoy a variety of cultural events, mainly focussed around music but with lots of events for all ages. It is a truly brilliant festival and has changed perceptions in the area and in part kickstarted the boom of great venues, shops and eateries along the road. Kev and Andy put in an unbelievable amount of love, skill, effort and time into creating the festival and do it all for free. The festival is not profit earning and supports the local venues and the Whitechapel Centre. Please come along. We hope you can make it and that you enjoy the wide variety of events on offer…..